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3831 Union Deposit Road
Harrisburg, PA 17109

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sunday 12 PM - 5 PM
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Experiences with the Sorby ProEdge

Wood turning has always been a big passion of mine. Using steel tools meant I needed a good way to sharpen them. After looking at all the options available, I decided to purchase the Sorby ProEdge sharpening system about seven years ago. I liked the tried and true development path Sorby utilized in their factory for sharpening which is replicated in the ProEdge. The package includes everything you need right out of the box and there are lots of accessories available. I also liked the versatility of the system, not only can it be used for turning tools, but carving tools, knives, chisels, and even planes.

The ProEdge is a belt-based sharpener with a tool platform which has detents and locks, ensuring a consistent angle every time. I especially liked this feature because no matter the length of my turning tool, I was always getting the same grind. The different belt grit options and the quick belt change feature allow me to quickly repair a damaged tool with a coarse grit and then switch to a fine grit for final sharpening and touch up. I find that the grind I can get with the 120 grit belt does a great job on my turning tools.


The author touching up a fingernail gouge

To use the system for standard grind gouges or skews, mount the included jig on the platform, set the platform angle, and then simply touch the tool to the belt. To sharpen a fingernail grind gouge, the tool is mounted into a holder that then sits into a knuckle, allowing the tool to rotate and sharpen the edge. I also got the optional longer knuckle for doing longer fingernail grinds and the ProSet, a handy guide for setting the tool consistently into the holder. While not very important for wood turners, several carvers I know use the optional leather honing wheel and buffing wheel to put mirror finishes on their tools.

The Sorby ProEdge is definitely an investment. After researching other options, the versatility and consistency is what sold me. After using it all these years, the ease-of-use and great results is what keeps me going back.

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