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Comparing General Finishes Top Coats

I’ve been making cabinets and furniture for over twenty years and when it comes to finishing my projects, my first choice is General Finishes. Not only are they well known among woodworkers for their great products, in my opinion their top coats are the best in the industry. I’ve been using the High Performance for many years and recently took the opportunity to try the Endoro-Var.


General Finishes High Performance and Enduro-Var, shown in Semi-gloss gallons

One main difference between the two is color. Endoro-Var is formulated to have an amber tone when dry, much like you would get with a traditional oil based polyurethane. High Performance will not add any noticeable color. Another major difference is what you can apply these finishes over. Endoro-Var specifically states to only apply it over water based stains or dyes, or raw wood. If applying over an oil based product, the user is warned to be sure it is completely dry and General Finishes will not guarantee the result. High Performance does not have any of these restrictions. Both can be applied by hand or by spraying, a 1.1mm or 1.3mm tip is recommended. Surface preparation for both is the same.


The author testing his HVLP sprayer

Spraying is my preferred method of application, I typically use a pressure assisted HVLP sprayer. My impression is that Endoro-Var is slightly thinner and I had to be careful to do lighter coats to avoid runs. High Performance has an amazing ability to stick while spraying. In the end, I like both products, thought they worked well, and will continue to use them both depending on the project.

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