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4731 Michaels Dr.
Appleton, WI 54913

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sunday 11 AM - 4 PM
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Our amazing & knowledgeable staff


If you're looking for a great group of woodworkers who are eager to help you with your woodworking challenges, find the best tool for the job, or to just "talk shop" with, here they are!

Buzz Zwickey


Buzz's claim to fame at Woodcraft of Appleton is "most years of service." He began working for Woodcraft before the store existed and literally helped open the doors in 1999. When not assisting customers on the floor, you'll find him leading an array of carving classes.

Buzz's passion for carving has spanned 45 years; he's made birds, fish, castles, tug boats, lighthouses, and much more. He also enjoys building ship replicas. When you talk with him, you may notice that he "bleeds Green & Gold" as we say in Wisconsin, i.e. he is a huge Green Bay Packer fan. Ask him about his memorabilia.

Prior to joining the Woodcraft family, Buzz spent 30 years working for Sears Roebuck & Co. in various roles including District Management. Outside of woodworking and cheering on the Packers, he enjoys walking his dog and spending time with his wife, Jane, who shares his passion for intricate work as well. She is a basket weaver and chair caner.

Jon Hohenstein


Jon holds the close-second position behind Buzz for number of years with Woodcraft of Appleton. He started just after the doors opened in 1999. When Jon was just 12 years old, his grandfather dropped off a table saw at his home, and as he states, "nobody told me I couldn't use it," so his love for woodworking began. As a result, for more than 45 years Jon has crafted an array of furniture and household items - mirrors, end tables, cabinets, a baby crib, toddler bed, and more. His favorite wood to work with is Oak.

When not helping customers at Woodcraft or doing his own woodworking, Jon likes to bike, motorcycle, and spend time with his wife, Anna, his 3 sons, 1 daughter, and 2 granddaughters.

Jeff Alarie


Jeff, another early Woodcraft employee, has been taking care of customers since 2000. In addition to sharing his 30 years' worth of woodworking knowledge with customers, you'll find Jeff leading an array of power-tool classes. He also manages the scheduling of all classes and demos and ensures that knowledgeable instructors are on-board to lead them all.

Prior to joining Woodcraft, Jeff was an entrepreneur and owner of 10 Dominos pizza stores for 17 years. His woodworking passion is in designing and making unique household furniture, often out of cherry, including kitchen tables, chairs, dressers, end tables, beds, and more. When not woodworking, Jeff loves biking with his wife of 25 years, Kristine.

Rob Aikins


Rob joined Woodcraft in 2009 and has been providing his friendly service to woodworking customers ever since. He's also in charge of scheduling the staff to keep Woodcraft humming.

Prior to joining Woodcraft, Rob had a varied career path including 4 yrs in the Navy, 10 yrs as a dog groomer, and 5 yrs as a mortgage lender. He's been woodworking for 12 years with a focus on carving and turning. His specialties include wood pendants, walking sticks, and canes.

When off-the-clock, you'll find Rob performing wedding ceremonies. As a certified Pagon Pastor, he's able and happy to marry individuals no matter the gender or sexuality or whether Christian or Pagon. When not performing ceremonies or woodworking, he enjoys spending time with his 2 sons.

Garrett Camarano


Since joining Woodcraft of Appleton in 2012, Garrett has primarily been one of our "weekend warriors," providing dedicated customer service on the floor and also leading turning, finishing, and squaring-lumber classes on weekends and evenings.  He's been woodworking for 6 years, with a passion for Shaker-style furniture, including desks, small tables, and more.

When not woodworking - and the reason for his weekend-warrior status - Garrett is at his day job as a project manager for a local manufacturing company. He also enjoys spending time with his family back in Chicago.

Mike Souto


Since 2015 Mike has graciously assisted Woodcraft customers with their woodworking needs, big and small. He's been woodworking for 5 years and enjoys making “whatever his wife asks for” from pens to vases and bowls to furniture. He simply appreciates the opportunity to create. His favorite woods to work with are cherry and walnut.

During part of his "past life," Mike was a driver instructor for Schneider National. Outside the woodworking world, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Justine, and his son, daughter and 2 grandchildren.

Steve Kratzer


As a long-time woodworker, Steve brought 40 years of experience to the Woodcraft family when he joined the team in 2016. His woodworking passion is creating sculpted furniture based on designs of the renowned, contemporary designer, Sam Maloof. In his first year entering his designs for the NICHE Awards (NICHE Magazine), Steve was a finalist in 2 categories. He continues to perfect his craft making rocking chairs, tables, and more.

Prior to joining Woodcraft, Steve was also a retail franchise owner in the Fox Valley. When not engrossed in woodworking, Steve enjoys anything outdoors, including golf, fishing, gardening, and road-tripping with his wife, Rhea, and spending time with his son and daughter.

Todd Reimer


Todd, another of our newcomers, joined Woodcraft of Appleton in 2016. However, he’s been woodworking for 15 years, so don't hesitate to stop him if you need assistance with a purchase or have a woodworking question. His woodworking creations include furniture, cabinets, and a range of unique pieces like display stands and other items. He enjoys working with oak, walnut, and maple.

In Todd's "past life" he worked for Bergstrom Automotive in both Green Bay and Appleton. When not woodworking, he jokingly says you’ll find him doing “whatever my wife (Jane) tells me to do,” or they’ll be camping and traveling the country. He also enjoys spending time with his 2 sons, daughter, and 3 grandsons.

Kurt B.


Kurt, our shy/incognito one, brings to Woodcraft his skills in laser engraving and routing with CNC equipment. Due to a long work history in the IT space (information technology) for a major manufacturer, he was drawn to the world of computer-assisted woodworking. As a result, he's been using those skills for 10 years to make unique gifts and custom-engraved products. He also enjoys turning and box-making using a band saw.

Kurt joined Woodcraft in 2016 and in addition to assisting customers on the floor, he's the primary instructor for CNC classes. Outside of woodworking, he enjoys spending time with his son, 2 daughters, and 2 granddaughters and doing a range of activities from motorcycling, 4-wheeling, and astronomy to amateur-radio communication. Ask him about his communications with the Vatican and International Space Station the next time you see him - well, when you see a man with the name tag that says "Kurt." In addition to his own woodworking passion, he shares a shop with his wife, Jan, creating items for their small business.



Lastly, we have our all important store "mascot," Blue. She's a gentle soul who loves to be around staff and customers. If you see her in the store, say hi to her and you'll find yourself making a new friend.

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