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Item 159604
Model 159604W

WoodRiver - Silicone Bench Mat 23.5" x 60"



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The latest addition to the WoodRiver® Silicone Bench Mat line is 23-1/2" wide, 60" long, and 2mm thick, which is big enough to protect most, if not all, of the workbenches we sell. The silicone material is cushy to protect the workbench surface from dings and dents, and most glues and finishes won’t stick to it, which makes it an ideal bench covering for glue-ups and any finishing you do. Should it prove to be too wide or long for your bench, it trims easily with a good pair of scissors like our Stainless Steel Shop Scissors (148708). When you’re done using it, just roll it up and stand it out of the way. Not to be used for baking purposes.


  • Perfect for large finishing and assembly work

  • 23-1/2" x 60"

  • Easy to customize to fit

  • Tough, flexible, soft and nonstick

  • Resists most glues, including yellow and white glue, epoxies and most CA glues

  • Not to be used for baking purposes.

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