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Tsushima Nagura Stone Natural Black 45x45x45mm

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The Tsushima Nagura is a natural stone – not man-made. Because natural stones are now so scarce, we feel honored to be able to offer this stone for sale. This natural Nagura Stone has been characterized as a stone used more for honing than for cleaning and for use with natural waterstones rather than man-made waterstones. Any Nagura Stone will keep your waterstone clean and free of glazing. Rubbing the wet Nagura across a wet waterstone creates a slurry that cleans the stone. Evidence suggests that the Nagura can help keep the waterstone clean when sharpening, as well as preventing it from drying out and sticking to the steel. The natural Nagura is thought to have more effect on the honing process, but users offer different explanations about why. Some believe the slurry itself actually does the sharpening, while others think the slurry keeps all but the highest points of the stone from touching the steel, in effect making the stone much finer.
  • Natural Nagura
  • Cleans the surface of the waterstone
  • Prevents dryout and sticking to the steel

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