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Item 422653

Trend - Complete Sharpener's Kit



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Trend® Complete Sharpening Kit - ideal for sharpening forstner bits, carving gouges, cabinet chisels, router bits and other small shop items. The credit card sharpener is also ideally suited for quick touch-ups on woodturning tools. If you use turning tools that have an interchangeable carbide or high-speed cutter, you can put a fresh cutting edge back on the cutter in just seconds, saving you time and money by extending the life of your cutter.


  • High-quality diamond sharpening system
  • Use the credit card sharpener to to clean and sharpen router cutters, chisels, turning tools, axes, knives, serrated edges, and more.
  • Use the mini tapered file to sharpen scissors, Forstner bits, and saw blades.
What's Included:
  • (1) Credit Card Diamond Stone – Double sided (600 grit and 300 grit)
  • (1) 3" half round/flat mini tapered file with plastic contoured hand grip(600 grit)
  • (1) Lapping Fluid to reduce clogging and improve Diamond performance
  • (1) Cleaning Block to maintain life of stones
  • (1) "Sharpening Made Easy" Sharpening Instructional DVD and Booklet

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