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Tanos - Systainer T-LOC IV, Light Gray



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Keep all your tools and supplies in order with a systainer® T-LOC IV. The traditional Light Gray with blue T-LOC and handle fits into most shop or home designs with ease. Or coordinate your systainer® with the tool or supplies inside.

Innovative design and same footprint between different size systainers lets you stack multiple systainers on top of each other securely. The smart T-LOC mechanism allows you to open the case even when stacked in the middle. Take your systainer® with you using the handy carry handle. Ideal for home, shop, craft and professional use.

A systainer® T-LOC IV storage container is ideally suited for storing a circular saw, kitting up different tools for a particular job and more. Also great for craft items or kitchen tool storage. You’re only limited by your imagination and your items!

Customize your systainers to fit your tools and supplies with optional pick and pluck foam, inserts, assorted color handles and T-LOCs (all sold separately).

TANOS Systainers®
The Systainer® originated from the need to transport materials and tools so they were well organized and easy to move. This was accomplished through a unique patented case system, which enables all Systainers® to be stacked and linked together.

The “LOC” in T-LOC stands for: Lock, Open and Connect!

The T-LOC system sets the new benchmark in innovation, design and functionality. The central element is the T-LOC catch, which enables one-handed locking, opening and connecting. The T-LOC catch offers fast linking of individual units so they can all be carried as a single unit. To stack the T-LOC Systainers®, simply click into the snap-in position at the back, turn the T-LOC catch, and that’s it! A unique feature is that you have access to the contents of a T-LOC Systainer halfway down the stack of Systainers®, without releasing the link, by simply rotating the T-LOC counterclockwise 90° from the locked position.

Strong and Versatile
Tanos uses 100% ABS polymer, combined with the most stable design structure, for maximum durability. All T-LOC Systainers® are sturdy and impact resistant, as well as dust proof. Every component of the T-LOC – such as the body, lid, handle or catch – can be replaced easily, which guarantees long life.

Type Outside Dimensions – H x W x D
Systainer® T-LOC Mini 2.80" x 10.43" x 6.73" or 71mm x 265mm x 171mm
Systainer® T-LOC I 4.13" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 105mm x 396mm x 296mm
Systainer® T-LOC II 6.20" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 157.5mm x 396mm x 296mm
Systainer® T-LOC II 6.20" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 157.5mm x 396mm x 296mm
With Lid Sort-Tray
Systainer® T-LOC III 8.26" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 210mm x 396mm x 296mm
Systainer® T-LOC IV 12.40" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 315mm x 396mm x 296mm
Systainer® T-LOC V
16.53" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 420mm x 396mm x 296mm
Systainer® Tool-Box 5.63" x 15.59" x 11.65" or 143mm x 396mm x 296mm


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