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Star Wipers - Rags Jersey Knit Bag


The definition of a good wood working shop rag is a relatively soft, adsorbent piece of cloth. Old T’s are great but you can’t count on the supply. Star Wiping rags are made from a cotton blend...

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The definition of a good wood working shop rag is a relatively soft, adsorbent piece of cloth. Old T’s are great but you can’t count on the supply. Star Wiping rags are made from a cotton blend that was raised to be rags and is grown, spun, woven, processed and boxed 100% in the USA. These rags are perfect for staining, finishing, polishing or sucking up spilled coffee on your workbench.


• Soft High Content Cotton Blend

• Super Absorbent

• Made in the USA

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  1. 2.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    not that useful for wiping off excess stain

    These rags, apparently a knit material, don't seem particularly absorbent. Took quite a few to remove all excess stain. Maybe terrycloth is better for this purpose.

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