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Model HI-120BOST

Hishika - SENBONSAKURA Bonsai Straight 120mm

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120mm Straight Saw for the arborist/bonsai expert. Extremely fine cutting saw for trimming larger trees without undue fraying of plant fibers. The entire saw blade is hardened resulting in a saw of great strength and flexibility. Blade can be sharpened. Blade Length: 120mm; Pitch: 0.75mm; Thickness: 1.67mm.

Hishika produces saws of all types, but the SENBONSAKURA Saws are of special note. They’re hand-forged and hand scraped with a fully hardened blades to create a saw that is both straight and stiff. Hand scraping creates the taper back from the line of teeth to keep the saw from binding in the cut. The teeth are cut, set and filed in a manner that, if properly cared for, will last a very long time and may be re-sharpened as needed in the future.

These are not simply saws but also works of the saw maker’s art enjoying the same level of distinction as the finest Japanese Chisel. Forging the entire blade brings stiffness but also a certain delicateness. Use them in a manner that allows the saw to cut as it should – do not force the cut. Used in this way, this saw will give many years of service.

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