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Item 155689
Model 605

GYOKUCHO - Ryoba Saw 210mm No. 605 with Replaceable Blade



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This RazorSaw Grade has a blade length of 8¼˝ and an overall length of 21˝; Cross-cut: 17 tpi and Rip: 8 tpi. A unique feature of the Gyokucho Ryoba Saws is the handle which can be tilted in relation to the blade. This allows access into areas otherwise awkward or impossible to reach. Carpenters, restoration workers and boat builders will find this feature particularly useful. The teeth are impulse hardened for extended wear. The handles are wrapped with rattan for a secure grip. Replacement Blade #155691, other interchangeable blades include 155618, 155682 and 155683


• Handle tilts to allow access to awkward places

• Blade length 8 1/4 inches and Overall length of 21 inches

• Crosscut - 17 tpi, Rip 8 tpi


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5.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    My new go to saw for dovetails

    Bought this to try it out after a class on dovetails. I have a very good western dovetail saw. This started in the wood easier than pushing to start. Cut smoother and was easier to control. My hands didn't hurt afterward because you didn't have to push with pressure. I don't mind cutting dovetails with this saw. If it gets dull you can buy replacement blades. I would buy this again.

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