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Model #80-1424

WoodRiver - Rasp Set 8in 3pc



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The WoodRiver 3 piece rough cut rasp set contains a round, half round and flat (no safe edge) rasps. Rough cut rasps are aggressive and remove material quickly. Use them to do preliminary shaping of rough stock an example of which would be in shaping a chair or table leg or in carving for rapidly removing excess material prior to using your chisels. All the tools in our set have a comfortable plastic handle with a rubberized grip area to ensure a firm grip in use. Rasps are used for rapid shaping of wood work and in the old days, no good shop should be without a good set and the same goes for today. These tools we’ll give years of service for the DIY’er and professional alike. All the files are 12½” in overall length with a 7” of teeth.


• Includes round, half round and flat rasps

• Has plastic handle and rubberized grip

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