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Woodpeckers - OTT SS Gauge Block Set Case Only

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Latest OneTIME Tool Makes Machinery Set-Up Simple
Right Angles Require the Right Reference
Precise Pocket-Sized Reference Squares in Two Profiles

Everyone who has relied on the protractor scale of a power tool once has learned not to do it a second time. They are notoriously inaccurate, regardless of brand, cost or age. But big bulky squares have their problems when it comes to machine set-up, too. Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool solves the problem with highly accurate angles machined into a pair of squares sized to fit perfectly next to blades and bits. Plus, we made them thick enough to stand up on their own – leaving your hands free to adjust and lock your machinery. Gauge Block 225 gives you perfect 45° and 90° angles and Gauge Block 369 gives you 30°, 60° and 90° angles.
Gauge Block 225 also has scales on both edges (one inch and one metric), that are perfect for setting the depth of cut on a saw blade, router bit and drill. The edges are 2-1/4" long giving you ample room to check angles or set depth of cut without interfering with guards, guides or fences.
Gauge Block 369 is 1-5/8" x 2-3/4". With the long leg a half inch longer than the GB-225, it gives you a better reference when setting band saw or scroll saw tables. The angles on the GB-369 make it simple to set up for hexagons and equilateral triangles.
In addition to machine set-up, you’ll find these little squares ideal for checking inside corners of small work like drawers and jewelry boxes.
Both Gauge Blocks are precision machined from a solid chunk of stainless steel. They’re 3/8” thick, allowing them to stand on their own and giving them a solid feel in your hand. All the edges are gently eased and the surface features a satin finish that makes the scale easy to read and won’t glare when you’re checking blade angles. You can purchase the GB-225 or the GB-369 individually in a protective case, or be ready for every machine set up and save yourself a few bucks by getting the set.
Like all our OneTIME Tools, these Gauge Blocks are only made to order, precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio manufacturing facility. The deadline to order yours is Monday, February 4, 2019. Once orders are filled, these tools will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for May, 2019.

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