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System Three - MirrorCast Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Kit - 1.5 Pint



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MirrorCast is a clear epoxy casting resin that is designed to fill voids, cracks and holes in wood and other substrates. Once fully cured it can be drilled, sanded and shaped as needed and will accept a wide variety of finishes. One feature of MirrorCast is depth of pour, which System Three recommends to be at least 1/2". Thinner pours can delay curing. The other principal feature is a long cure time of up to 7 days. Epoxies cure by chemical reaction, which generates heat and bubbles. MirrorCast was designed with a very long cure time to reduce both heat and bubbles. While bubbles are not totally eliminated, they are significantly reduced, which means a clearer cured product.

  • Longer working time
  • Allows for deeper resin casting pours
  • Less bubbles and a clearer pours
  • Unit: 1.5 Pint
  • Mixing: Mix 2 parts Resin (Part A) to 1 part Hardener (Part B) by volume
What's Included:
  • (1) MirrorCast Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Kit - 1.5 Pint
Product Notes:
  • Best used when the ambient temperature is between 70-80° F.
  • Working time is 1 hour at 70°F.
  • No sanding is necessary between pours if the subsequent pours are done within 72 hours.

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