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WoodRiver - Double-Cut File Set - 3 Piece



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The WoodRiver® Double-Cut File Set is a 3 piece file set containing round, half-round and flat (no safe edge) files each featuring double-cut teeth. Double cut toothed files have two sets of diagonal rows of teeth. The first set of teeth is known as the overcut. The second set of teeth cut over the first in the opposite direction are known as the upcut. Double cut files are usually used with more downward pressure and remove material faster than a single-cut file but with a light touch, they’ll leave a smooth finish. Files were used for the final shaping of a workpiece prior to the advent of power tools. No good shop would be without them. No shop should be without a good set today. We were excited to find a set this good at this price. These tools will provide years of service for the DIY’er and professional alike.

  • Double-Cut tooth patterns leaves a smooth finish
  • Removes material faster
  • Comfortable plastic handle with rubberized grip area ensures a firm grip
  • Overall File Length (approximate): 12½”
  • Usable File Length (approximate): 7”
What's Included:
  • (1) Round double-cut file
  • (1) Half-round double-cut file
  • (1) Flat double-cut file

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