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Woodcraft Woodshop Ebony Gab 1.5x1.5x3
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Ebony, Gaboon 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3"



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(Diospyros spp.) Jet black color with only the slightest possibility of dark brown streaks. Great for knobs, pulls, bottle stoppers, inlays and accents in cabinetry. Somewhat difficult to machine, but worth the reward. Excellent turning wood. Africa.

Due to the nature of wood movement, shrinkage and expansion are possible. Please measure each piece carefully before starting any project.

Wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike to start with, while the same wood growing in different locales can vary greatly even though it is the exact same species.

Thin Stock. The thin stock is cut to size from quality, kiln-dried stock. Dimensions are +/- 1/8" of size listed.

Carving and Turning Blocks. Blocks are sawn to +/- ¼" of size listed.

Plywood. Sizes are nominal. Dimensions are +/- 1/8" of size listed.


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Our most recently delivery of Gaboon Ebony (Diospyros Spp.) is native to Western Africa and can now be purchased in a variety of sizes with 23 item offerings from Woodcraft, making it much easier to find the right size for any project. The exceptional quality of this batch was worth the wait.  The heartwood is usually jet black, with little to no variation of visible grain.  Occasionally dark brown streaks may be present.  Can be difficult to work with due to its extremely high density.  It is dense enough to sink in water and has a dully effect on cutters.  It takes a finish well and has a high luster.  Ebony is commonly used for ornamental purposes due to its price and available sizes.  We have a  selection of  large sizes. The species has a long history of use, with carvings found dating back to the ancient Egyptians.  In the 16th century fine cabinets were made of ebony.  Makers of these cabinets in Paris were known as ebenistes, which remains the French term for a cabinetmaker. Ebony is commonly used for small ornamental purposes, such as piano keys, musical instrument parts, pool cues, carvings. Great for knobs, pulls, inlays and accents in cabinetry. Somewhat difficult to machine, but worth the reward and is excellent turning wood. 

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