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Table Saw Safety Video from Woodcraft: Preventing Table Saw Kickback

Check out this video showing how to prevent table saw kickback.

Understanding and Preventing Kickback and Other Table Saw Mishaps

Ever been sucker-punched by your table saw? Prevent kickback, and injuries to your fingers, hand, or body, with these general table saw safety tips, accessories, and how-tos. Table saws, among all the power tools used by woodworkers, account for more accidents and injuries than any other tools. 

The articles and videos here will help ensure your table saw is running optimally and set up properly. You will also learn about how to use it safely, get into good power tool habits, and learn about the jigs, push sticks, safety features of your saw, and accessories to make sure your table saw operations are smooth and injury-free. 

Many woodworkers have heard about the SawStop Safety System. Our new article, with video, will help you understand how it works: SawStop Table Saw Safety System: How It Works with Video

Here are two dozen table saw safety tips!

Two Dozen Table Saw Safety Tips

Many of these general safety tips apply to ALL power tools! 

Table saws are one of these most popular power tools in many woodworker's shops. They also happen to be involved in more shop accidents and injuries than any other power tool. 

Check out this extensive collection of safety tips–many of which will help with ANY power tool–to learn and develop good table saw habits. Nothing ruins a project quicker than an injury! 

Two Dozen Table Saw (Or Other Power Tool) Safety Tips | Woodcraft

More Table Saw Safety Info

Preventing Table Saw Kickback

Check out his video (above) then read the article! Understand kickback, and learn how you can prevent it!

Table Saw Safety - A Woodworking Hand Surgeon's Perspective

Learn about table saw injuries, four common pitfalls, and how to avoid them! 

Table Saw Kick Switch

This cool accessory let's you quickly and easily turn your table saw off–with your foot! No need to release your board or push stick. 

Table Saw Tune-Up

Properly tuned and setup power tools are SAFE power tools–especially your table saw. Check out this collection of table saw tune-up kits today. 

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