"SMOCTOVAC is beautiful, rugged and stylish. Three things woodworkers always look for in their dust-collection accessories.”

– Pete Collins, Woodcraft Product Genius


Woodworking and DIY are filthy hobbies. Sawdust, wood chips, paint chips, dirt, dust and debris – all are hallmarks of a well-loved workshop. What if you could clean up while you worked? What if, when your project was complete, the cleanup was already done? SMOCTOVAC, the world's first wearable dust collection accessory is the solution to a messy shop.


We designed the SMOCTOVAC to revolutionize the act of dust collection. Wherever you work, SMOCTOVAC sucks up the dust and debris while you're creating it!

The rapid movement of air through SMOCTOVAC’s 30’ of dust-collection hosing creates a “micro-climate” that cools the wearer while they work!


  • SMOTCTOVAC's ergonomic, formfitting design stays simultaneously out-of-the-way and at-hand.
  • SMOCTOVAC features premium 2-1/2” and 4” semi-clear dust-collection hosing invented by NASA for use on the International Space Station.
  • To reduce weight, we chose to use handcrafted carbon fiber dust-collection fittings.
  • Brushed titanium hose clamps and tactical hook and loop bands secure SMOCTOVAC to its integrated smock.
  • Each SMOCTOVAC smock is tailored to fit from hand-loomed 100% Australian cotton and lovingly sewn with the individual woodworker in mind.
  • At only 45 pound, SMOCTOVAC is as much a pleasure to wear as it is to use.


SMOCTOVAC is at home in your garage, workshop, anywhere you might need to suck up your mess.
  • Attach SMOCTOVAC to your portable shop vacuum and take the debris-busting power of SMOCTOVAC to your jobsite.
  • Hook SMOCTOVAC up to your workshop’s dust-collection system and unleash the fury of 3 dust-destroying hoses.
  • SMOCTOVAC is compatible with all of your dust-collection accessories, blast gates, wands, crevice tools and more!

* Coupon expires April 5, 2017. Valid online and at participating stores. Excludes already discounted merchandise, gift cards, power tools, Dovetail/FMT Jigs, Dowelmax, FESTOOL, SawStop, Tormek, Oneida, Onyx, Sjobergs and Gransfors. One per customer. 

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