Collection: Bandsaws


The versatility of a bandsaw can open up a world of unique design possibilities for a woodworker.  A well-tuned bandsaw can provide you with the means to cut large sweeping curves, cut custom veneer and even produce your own rough-sawn lumber from a log. Selecting the right bandsaw can be a daunting task, so to make it a little easier we thought we would put together an outline highlighting some of the critical components to consider. 

An Incredibly Versatile Shop Workhorse

An essential tool for many a woodworker–the bandsaw, despite its simple appearance, is suitable for both fine detailed or simple rough work. It can rip, resaw, crosscut, and execute all types of curved work, including cabriolet legs, circles, arcs, and serpentine drawer fronts. 

Learn how to get the most out of your bandsaw, including how to select the proper blade for your applications, and some great maintenance and tune-up tips, on our Bandsaw Resources, Guides & How-To's page.