Rikon Power Tools

Rikon Power Tools® are the primary woodworking tools in many woodworker's shops. They are known for their outstanding performance, dependable precision, rugged durability, and outstanding value. Plus Rikon has a history of listening to woodworkers and getting a clear picture of their needs and expectations, and they have delivered on these expectations time and time again. Rikon consistently delivers innovative designs and improvements to the air filtration systems, bandsaws, grinders, and more power tools on which so many wood crafters depend every day. Woodworkers from DIY hobbyists to professional contractors demand reliability and performance—and Rikon delivers.


Learn more about Rikon power tools by calling our Product Tech Support at 800-535-4486, or sending us an email at tech@woodcraft.com. You can also drop by and talk to the friendly woodworking experts at Your Local Woodcraft.

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