Woodworking Clamps and Vises

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Woodworkers can never have enough woodworking clamps!  Whether you need basic clamps for work holding or glue ups of everyday projects or specialty clamps for those specific tasks, Woodcraft has a solution. The basic F-style clamp is a woodworker's go-to clamp for multiple applications.  One of the simplest to use clamps is the basic spring clamp set.  We offer pipe and bar clamps as well as 4 way clamps for panel glue ups. Parallel Clamps are essential for most woodworkers and perfect for the assembly of boxes and rail and stile cabinet doors and most projects around the shop. Picture frames are easily tamed with our selection of miter clamps, clamping corners and self-squaring clamps. We offer work holding solutions with our large selection of bench and dog hole clamps, and toggle clamps for making your own jigs and fixtures. Face frame clamps offer several options for working with pocket hole joinery. Woodcraft offers specialty clamps for handing face frame cabinets, furniture repair and edge clamping as well as all the clamp accessories to help you get the most out of your collection of clamps. We offer clamps suitable for light duty to heavy duty tasks. Our quality brands include Bessey, Kreg, WoodRiver, Bora and Armor Tool.

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