Woodcraft Encourages ‘Safety First’ in Project Planning

Make personal safety top priority for home improvement and do-it-yourself projects. Think each project through carefully to be aware of what machines and tools will be used and what protection will be needed to work safely. Then check out the many safety-related products at Woodcraft.

The Festool CT 15 E HEPA Dust Extractor is easy to transport and can handle cleanup at construction, shop or home worksites.

Personal Protective Equipment

“Keeping safe in the shop starts with some basic protection devices,” Jessica Douglas, Woodcraft Power Tool Sales Manager/Drop Ship Manager said.With ears, eyes, lungs and hands all covered and some tool specific safety items, like featherboards and pushsticks, you will be all set to work in your shop safely and have a good time too.”

LUNGS/FACE The RZ Dust Mask 2.0 is constructed of moisture wicking, lightweight, breathable mesh that keeps the skin cool during any activity. The RZ F1 Standard Active Carbon Filter has an outer layer capable of trapping particulates down to 0.1 micron and an inner active carbon layer that is effective against fumes, odors, smoke and organic material. A single strap system makes it easy to remove the mask quickly without interfering with other personal protective equipment.

RZ Dust Mask 2.0

Single-strap construction

EYES Lightweight Sitecore and Fyxate Safety Glasses from Pyramex are ANSI Z87.1 certified – they offer UV ray protection up to 99% – and won’t shatter if something hits the lens. Sitecore Glasses feature a half frame that blends the breathability of a frameless design that offers an unobstructed line of vision with the durability of a full frame. Fyxate Glasses have a single wraparound lens that is ideal for the shop or other dusty or windy environments. Glasses are dielectric to protect from electric arcs and scratch-resistant for sanding.

Sitecore Safety Glasses

Fyxate Safety Glasses

EARS SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection features a patented design that uses the mechanical energy of sound waves (not electronics) to minimize sound before it reaches the human ear. Rather than blocking sound like conventional hearing protection, the ZEM directs sound away from the ears. Noise reduction rated at 26dB blocks harmful noise by lowering the noise level but allows speech and other useful sounds to be heard with no distortion. At less than 2 oz., the ZEM is comfortable for everyday use.

SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection

ZEM folded for storage

HANDS/ARMS The bright orange WoodRiver® GET-A-GRIP TPR Pushstick is a safe solution to feeding material at the table saw, bandsaw, router table – anywhere you need to get a firm hold of your workpiece. A 12-3/4"-long handle keeps fingers far away from the blade or bit’s cutting edges. The MICROJIG GRR-RIPPER Basic Model GR-100 makes precise, ultrathin cuts at the table saw easy and safe.

WoodRiver Get-A-Grip TPR Pushstick (Blade guard removed for visual clarity).


Air Filtration & Dust Extraction

One of the best safety tools in your arsenal is effective dust collection and/or air filtration,” Woodcraft Senior Product Manager Peter Collins said. “Whether working in a large designated work space, a small corner of the garage, or even in the great outdoors, more now than ever it is important to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards such as harmful dust.”

The JET 3-Speed Air Filtration System cleans and circulates the air in a shop, filtering 98%-99% of all particles, five microns in size, and 85% of particles one micron in size. Set the timer for two, four or eight hours, and the system will automatically shut down. This system can filter the air in a 20' x 20' x 8' work area in under five minutes and a dozen times an hour.

JET 3-Speed Air Filtration System

A graphic representation of airflow through the JET Air Filtration System.

Woodcraft carries a line of Festool® Dust Extractors like the CT 15 E HEPA Dust Extractor that can easily handle cleanup at a construction site, production shop or a home workshop. Move it to “the mess” with the wheel system or park it under a tool for exclusive use. The 15-liter (3.96 gallon) container volume allows plenty of dust, dirt or water to be picked up and contained. Nearly the entire container volume can be used over a long job without needing to change the bag.

Festool CT 15 E HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool CT 15 is easy to transport to a worksite

Safe Finishing and Gluing

Woodcraft Product Manager Kent Harpool offered this safety advice: Always read the label on anything from the finish or glue group. Everything is there, from proper application to information important to your safety.”

To learn more about these and other products, visit your local Woodcraft store, call (800) 535-4482 or visit woodcraft.com. You will also find safety articles and product videos on woodcraft.com.

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