Great Gear: Knobs and Pulls Made Easy

I used to approach hardware day with trepidation. One tiny miscalculation or slip of the drill and all those hours spent on a cabinet job could be wasted. Then I tried out True Position’s Cabinet Hardware Jig. Hardware day quickly became less stressful and a little more fun. The U.S.-made tool features precisely machined and marked rulers, stops, and drill guides that make drilling holes for cabinet hardware a snap. I have their mid-range model that accommodates pulls with bolt spacing up to 12". To use the jig, simply set the hole spacing using the pull to be installed, and set the placement with the included fence and stops. Then hold the jig in place and drill the holes. It’s fast and repeatable, just what you want when installing a kitchen’s worth of pulls. The molded case is also well-made, with snap-in places for all the parts and drill bits, plus room for optional accessories. If you spend much time installing cabinet hardware, you’ll appreciate this tool.
—Ken Burton

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