Wisconsin Woodworker Wins “Woodcraft Sawsome Sweepstakes!”

Drew Christensen is the proud owner of a brand-new SawStop Compact Table Saw and Stand after he was selected as Grand Prize Winner of the “Woodcraft Sawsome Sweepstakes!”

A resident of Mukwonago, Wisconsin, and a Woodcraft of Milwaukee customer, Christensen’s name was picked in a random drawing from 47,667 eligible entries.

Woodcraft partnered with SawStop to sponsor the sweepstakes.

Other winners include:
•Second Prize – Colleen Helz of Montgomery, Texas
•Third Prize – Steve Ward of Centennial, Colorado

“Woodcraft congratulates these winners and wishes them well in their woodworking journeys,” President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “Also thanks to SawStop for joining with Woodcraft to offer the sweepstakes.”

Christensen also won a $500 Woodcraft Gift Card, a WoodRiver Glue Line Rip Saw Blade and a SawStop Swag Pack (a hat, thermos, water bottle, mug, 5 carpenter pencils, safety glasses, socks, and tape measure).

A woodworker who does a lot of home renovation and cabinetry, Christensen said he is currently finishing a shed to serve as his shop and hopes to have it finished soon. He said his first project in the shop with the SawStop will be installing board and batten in his home’s foyer. And, with his new work area and woodworking equipment, he anticipates more than renovation projects in his future.

“I can’t thank Woodcraft and SawStop enough for doing this sweepstakes for us woodworkers,” Christensen said. “It’s just a fantastic opportunity I’m thankful to have been a part of.”


Colleen Helz

Front view of wooden truck Colleen Helz built for her grandson.

Helz used a project pattern from an old Woodcraft Magazine for the truck build.

Helz received a $250 Woodcraft Gift Card, Woodcraft Swag Pack (Woodgrain Water Bottle, Leather Patch Hat, and Enamel Mug), and a 1-Year Woodcraft Magazine Subscription – $329.96 value.

A Woodcraft of Houston North customer, Helz said she is primarily a woodturner but has built furniture and wooden truck for her grandson.


Steve Ward

Steve Ward is building an acoustic steel string Dreadnaught style Guitar made from Sitka Spruce with Chocolate Heart Mango for the back and sides.

Back side of another guitar build by Steve Ward.

Steve Ward won a $50 Woodcraft Gift Card, a Woodcraft Swag Pack (Woodgrain Water Bottle, Leather Patch Hat, and Enamel Mug), and a 1-Year Woodcraft Magazine Subscription.

A luthier, Ward makes high-end acoustic guitars for studio musicians and performing musicians. His company is Rocky Mountain Luthiers, LLC, and he hopes to have his company website finished soon. Ward is a customer at the Woodcraft of Denver store where he purchased most of his large and small power tools.

“Woodcraft is a go-to shop for me!” Ward said.

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