Scott and Suzy Phillips Celebrate Silver Anniversary of The American Woodshop

PHOTO: Scott and Suzy Phillips display the Apothecary Nine-Drawer Wall Keep and two turned items from Season 25 episodes.

Co-hosts Scott and Suzy Phillips will begin Season 25 of The American Woodshop on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, with 13 new episodes that invite viewers to transform beautiful wood into unique projects and that offer how-to instruction, including tool tune-up tips. Check your local PBS station for airtimes.

The American Woodshop is produced by WGBU TV, Bowling Green, Ohio, and sponsored by Woodcraft Supply, Rikon Power Tools, PS Wood Machines, FurnitureBank of Central Ohio and Woodcraft Magazine.

“Woodcraft congratulates Scott and Suzy Phillips as they celebrate the silver anniversary of The American Woodshop,” Woodcraft president Jody Garrett said. “Their show continues to encourage quality woodworking by offering PBS viewers helpful instruction in building unique projects.”

Scott started woodworking in his father’s shop in 1966, so for more than 50 years he has been working with wood in every imaginable way. During that time he has learned that “the best source of new ideas is through sharing ideas.” As he enters The American Woodshop’s silver anniversary year, Scott reflected on how connected woodworking has become worldwide and how that fosters the exchange of ideas.

“I am using woodworking tools made in 27 different countries, and I’m in communication with people all over the world every day,” Scott said.  ‘It’s staggering to know that woodworking has such a universal base, but we all use and take care of wood in much the same way, and that makes all woodworkers connected. In this modern ‘wired’ world, social media posts connect us daily to thousands everywhere, sharing ideas as never before. This is an amazing age to be a woodworker!” 

In promoting Season 25, Scott and Suzy reminded woodworkers that design matters, especially if you desire to make a lasting mark by building custom work in beautiful wood. Their advice: every creation is unique, so express yourself by the choice of wood, grain and finish. Make it shine by using new and traditional tools and skills.

Season 25 Projects

In the first Season 25 episode, viewers will watch the construction of a Harvest Table that features wide 1"-thick walnut planks and 4" post legs. All air-dried, the wood has a stunning color contrast – the light-wood/dark-wood combination of sapwood and heartwood. 

The Harvest Table’s notched leg post assembly was inspired by the designs used at the Chinese Imperial Palace to hold the roof of centuries old buildings. Aprons are notched to create a puzzle-lock in the post.

For the tenth episode, Jay Kinsinger, master woodworker and professor at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, works with engineering students to create “The Walnut Bike.”

The Apothecary Nine-Drawer Wall Keep in episode two (shown at the beginning of this blog) features a hypnotic Southern Yellow Pine grain pattern that was created using a bandsaw and wood lathe. Its drawers can store many things, from spices to bits and cutters in the woodshop.

In episode seven, professional woodworker Chad Stanton, host of I Can Do That and Wood Choppin’ Time on the Web, joins Scott to make stools.

Other Season 25 projects include:
“Gentleman’s” Organizer and Gallery – Guys like stuff, but need help getting organized. These two graceful solutions fill the bill (2503).
Turned Urns & Pepper Mills – Beautiful turnings add a warm charm to any space (2504).
•Scrolled Kitchen Trenchers and Trivets – Food-safe woodworking tips cover everything, from the right wood selection to glues and finishes. Useful and kitchen wise (2505).
•Decorative Turnings – Spindle and bowl art show new ways to turn (2506).
•Arts and Crafts Luminaries – Artful scrollwork with oak accents (2508).
•Making Custom Knives – Custom cutlery with handles made from highly figured woods (2509).
•Custom Wood Keeps – This lidded wood box is just right in any room and perfect for quilts (2511).
•Curvy Wall Shelf – Easy to make display shelves that fit into tight spots (2512).
•Arts and Crafts End Table – The ultimate in simple grace (2513). 

Thoughts from Scott and Suzy:

Woodworkers are producers. They use their hands to express themselves and more often than not, make their gifts – heirlooms that will make people wonder at the craftsmanship and want to know who made it.

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