Laser Engraving Services at Woodcraft

Did you know that Woodcraft has a Laser Engraving Service?

I visited our Woodcraft Distribution Center which is a restocking facility for the company’s retail and corporate stores. Catalog orders are assembled and shipped from the center as well. This particular visit was to interview Rob Patterson, Woodcraft Warehouse IT Specialist.

Rob integrates our laser engraving services through the customer service department orders, designing and building fixtures, creating artwork for engraving products, and taking care of all computer network responsibilities.

Our laser engraver works with the same type of technology as a printer, taking a file designed from a computer program and recreating or transferring that design onto the end product.

On the video below, Rob explains the technology, showing us the engraver is capable of not only engraving, but cutting through different material and thicknesses. In addition to flat surface cutting and engraving, the machine will require a different type of setup using various style jigs for curved surface area product lines like that of a pen or round tool handle:

Check out these previously engraved items:

Woodcraft will choose the location on the tool for engraving unless you specify your preference by giving our customer service department a call. Product sets will have the same message engraved on each tool.

If a set of tools comes with a box please contact customer service to have the box personalized as well as the tools.

Character limits per line on each tool is 30. However, most tools and boxes will hold more characters per line at no additional charge. Smaller handled tools will old approximately 15 characters. Palm Handled tools will only hold 2 characters. Each product will have the character limit per line explained by our customer service department at time of order.

Prices are per line, not per character.

This is a great and fast service, whether you are creating a sign, personalizing your tools or giving a unique gift that comes from the heart for that special woodworker in your life.

For Woodcraft's engraving service, specific engraving services such as engraving on a box, curved surface engraving or additional characters per line, please contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-535-4482 or email with additional engraving instructions.

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