Tips & Tricks: Thickness tapering

Thickness tapering

For a recent project, I needed 2×6s tapered in thickness. My first thought was to tilt the blade on my table saw, but a fully-raised blade isn’t high enough for the job. So I turned to my thickness planer. I cut a scrap of plywood to serve as an auxiliary table and screwed a cleat to its underside that would hook on the planer’s infeed table and hold the plywood in place. Then I screwed a fence along one side of this auxiliary table. Next, I drew the desired taper on the end of one of the 2×6 pieces to determine the amount of wood I needed to plane away to achieve that taper. I made another piece, this time matching its thickness equal to the amount of wood I needed to plane away. I attached this riser parallel to the fence but offset 5" to the side. To taper the pieces, I made multiple passes through the planer with one edge against the fence and the other edge riding atop the riser. 
—Jeff Peters,
Redgranite, Wisconsin
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