News & Views: Working an angle

I tried making the Flatware Caddy from the last issue of your magazine, but I’m having a problem with the directions. The article says to make the twenty blank slats 2" wide, then bevel the edges as shown. I did that and the resulting oval is greater than 13 × 9", while the base from the template is smaller. Further I notice in the photos that the author set up her twenty slats against a metal yard stick with clearance on the yard stick on each end. This means that the twenty slats together is less than 36", that is less than 20 × 2". What is the correct width of the slats?

—Les Gagner, Minneapolis, MN

Associate Editor Sarah Marriage replies:

The information you are looking for is in the “Coopering Angle Diagram” on page 42. Your 2" wide blanks get trimmed to width when you rip the angles on each edge. The angles and the widths are both specified in that diagram. Specifically, staves A-E are 1 1/2" wide and stave F is 1 3/4" wide. I hope that the rest of the build goes well, and that you are caddying flatware soon!

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