News & Views: Making the cut list

My wife adores the round jewelry box on the cover of the most recent issue (June/July 22). I noticed there was no materials list for this project or any other in the magazine. Older issues of Woodcraft Magazine, as well as other publications, include such a cut list. Are you not publishing them anymore?

—Oscar Abreu, Indianapolis, IN

Senior Editor Ken Burton replies:

We stopped including materials lists several years ago, preferring to include bigger drawings and extra photos. Putting your own list together, gathering information from the comprehensive exploded view, may seem like extra work, but gives a better understanding of the project and its intricacies.

Some dimensions are key to a project, while others are relative. Some pieces need to be cut to fit, and our drawings reflect this with the designation CTF. For more information on developing your own cut list, see A Pro’s Guide to Cut Lists in Issue 75 (Feb/Mar 2017).

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