Great Gear: A Tough Tool Tote

After nearly four decades of teaching woodworking, I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out what tools I need to take from my shop for each class. I keep my leather-reinforced canvas tote packed and ready with the essentials—a tape measure, apron, machinist square, PPE (personal protective equipment), screwdriver, pencils, utility knife, and drill bits. I top it off with whatever else that night’s class might require. The bag’s outer pockets are great for holding small hand tools, while the interior is divided into three larger sections for bulkier items. The two end-pockets are great for stashing a water bottle and some snacks. Originally designed for maritime use, the suede-bottomed bag can be plopped down on a wet deck or parking lot without damaging the tools inside. The heavy-duty canvas wears like iron, and the leather-covered handles are comfortable and attached so well you’ll make the bag heavier than you want to carry before taxing them. If you work wood away from your shop, this bag will tote the tools you need to do it. 

—Ken Burton

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