Top 5 Deck Building Tips from Danny Lipford


Whether you want to repair, expand or update your home’s current deck or would like to build a brand-new one, warmer weather is prime time for outdoor projects. Danny Lipford, national home improvement expert and host of Today’s Homeowner TV & Radio, shares his best advice for successful deck building.

Danny includes one of his favorite tools for the job: the Kreg Deck Jig System. “It’s is a lifesaver when it comes to installing deck boards quickly. Plus, it removes the guesswork for fasteners – placing them perfectly every time!”



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1.  Don’t build your wood deck too close to the ground.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One, it can be a haven for insects and rodents to hide and breed. Two, not all pressure treated wood is rated for ground contact. Danny recommends a minimum of 12" between the ground and the lowest foundation board.

2.  Don’t cut corners on your foundation.


Whether you’re using blocks, bricks or treated posts, carefully follow guidelines in your area for the right support.



3.  Make sure your deck is well secured to your home.

Use the appropriate type of fasteners for structural integrity and use proper flashing to avoid water damage to the deck and supports.



4.  Make your deck large enough.

Carefully consider the square footage needed before you begin your project. Tables, chairs and other outdoor furnishings take up more room than you think. 



5.  Use hidden fasteners.

Hidden fasteners will give you a professional, clean look.  Danny says the Kreg Deck Jig is the perfect tool for any deck building job: “I love how easy it is to use and get professional results. There’s no easier way to get a perfect deck installation!” 



Danny has been helping homeowners with fresh, practical and trusted advice for more than 22 years on his television show, Today’s Homeowner, which he co-hosts with his daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf. In addition, he and his radio co-host Joe Truini deliver engaging and insightful information for maintaining and improving homes during their weekly 2-hour syndicated broadcast. Find your local station info here:



Image credit: Today’s Homeowner Media



Are you ready to start improving your outdoor space? With the Kreg Deck Jig and a few simple tools you probably already own, you can create a beautiful and functional deck surface, completely free of exposed fasteners and painful splinters. Shop online at or let the friendly folks at your local Woodcraft store help you select the supplies you need so you can be ready for open-air entertaining in no time!



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