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Woodcraft has added three planes to its private label WoodRiver® line that was first offered to customers in 2009.

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Comedian, George Carlin said it best, “The whole meaning of life is trying to find a place to put your stuff!”  Do you have a place to put your stuff?  You know, the stuff you need to organize, transport, store, work with, move from job site to job site, or from the basement/garage to project area around the house.  Don’t just throw your stuff in the corner of your garage or woodshop.  Stop grabbing handfuls of tools, dropping them on the way to your project location!  Get your piles of stuff organized into these new TANOS Systainers.

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Structurally sound and beautiful in appearance, wood is the ideal raw material. Woodworkers know that moisture content is the single most important factor affecting the quality of their project. To ensure quality, from the mill and dry kiln to the finished project, moisture meters help minimize defects such as shrinkage, cracks, and splits. Years of experience, high-tech tools, controls and premium grade lumber cannot make a difference if moisture content goes unchecked.

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