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Woodcraft has entered the saw blade manufacturing market with six new WoodRiver® products. Director of Product Development Darin Lawrence and Product Development Manager Charles Wolfe said, “The main focus when developing these products was to provide the best quality possible at a price that could beat anyone else in the market. We absolutely hit that with our new saw blades.”

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Whether you want to repair, expand or update your home’s current deck or would like to build a brand-new one, warmer weather is prime time for outdoor projects. Danny Lipford, national home improvement expert and host of Today’s Homeowner TV & Radio, shares his best advice for successful deck building.

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Building your own bandsaw box can be a fun exercise for beginners and well-seasoned woodworkers. With only a few shop tools and accessories you can get really creative!

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Eric Gorges of A Craftsman's Legacy has decided to build a new woodworking shop. Check out his plans for the shop and 2019. He also makes the decision to replace his family heirloom Table Saw and Band Saw.

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Much like in woodworking, where the craft is passed on from generation to generation with a mentor leading the way, the same concept applies to the Woodcraft Franchise business…it can transcend generations! Learn more and continue the woodworking tradition in a business you own!

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