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In my last boat building adventure blog, I left off with my first “real use” of the WoodRiver hand plane. I left the four panels on the work table for Dan’s inspection.

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Tired of the kids playing with cell phones and video games? Sitting in front of the wide screen TV too much? Here’s a change of pace for all ages with a woodshop project to take you away from all of that. It’s fun and can be a new design build every time.

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In this month’s Woodcraft Magazine, January Issue #44, our Editor-in-Chief, Jim Harrold writes an article responding to the Feb/Mar 2011 magazine issue where he asked for solutions in setting up a shop for the wheelchair woodworker. His article and this blog are the result of the many letters and emails sent. It is one thing to have ideas to create woodworking, or be inspired from others works, but without a user friendly shop in these circumstances, none of the ideas or inspirations can become a reality. Five areas of importance in a shop design are, wheel chair design with reach considerations, floor plan or shop layout, cabinets with power tools, managing materials with storage, and product choices that consider safety with convenience. When designing a floor plan you will first need to consider the wheelchair type. Variations include motorized units, sports models and other manual designs.

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