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“My path to finding woodworking has been very zigzag and like most things in my life, I kind of just started doing it on a whim,” Hanneke Lourens, a 2020 graduate of The Krenov School, explained. “I was born and raised in South Africa, but have enjoyed living and working in other places most of my adult life. Along the way it became clear that I’m happiest when making. I have been lucky enough to explore this passion at The Krenov School.” Read more about Hannekes journey in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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One woodworking class at his local Woodcraft store was all it took to get Brad Rodriguez hooked on building things. That was nearly 20 years ago. Today, he is a respected content creator, maker and woodworker with a huge online following, recently racing past one million subscribers on his YouTube channel Fix This Build That. Read more about Brads journey in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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Powermatic 100th anniversary first wave

Powermatic, a Woodcraft business partner for many years, is celebrating a major milestone this year – its 100th year in business.

“Woodcraft offers congratulations and best wishes to Powermatic,” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “We are sharing the Tennessee-based company’s 100th Anniversary press release here so our customers will know firsthand what Powermatic plans for 2021.”

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Woodworking comes in all shapes, sizes and varieties. But no matter what your woodworking passion might be, eventually you’re going to need to join together two pieces of wood. And that opens up a world of joinery options.

Whatever method you choose, the question is—do you make your joinery by hand or by machine? Here’s what our experts had to say…

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Enter the Woodcraft Magazine 100th Issue Giveaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of three tool prize packages. Entries will be accepted through May 31, 2021, and winners will be selected in random drawing on or before June 15.

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When a refurbishing project crosses my path, I listen to what the client’s requests are. After taking inspection of the project, there comes to mind a host of questions before ever working on the item. Repairing the item based on sight or conversing with obvious questions to the owner is just the beginning of providing a solution. There are additional concerns that will help the project restoration. Understanding the connection of the piece to the client, such as what the item means to them; what the environment will be in its placement and surroundings; and attaining a clearer perception of the history, as well as the heritage of the piece; can also be important.

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The hardest part of tackling a DIY project? Getting started! With the right preparation and process, anyone can confidently become a DIYer. Find your project, create your process and bring it to life!

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Creative people are discovering the fun in using resin to create turning blanks, item encapsulations, bowls, river tables and more. To meet their project needs, Woodcraft continues to expand its line of resins and related products – and to encourage these makers Woodcraft will be sponsoring a contest in March.

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Andrew Bondi has been promoted to Vice President for Retail and Franchise Operations at Woodcraft Supply, an industry leader in providing top quality woodworking products, educational opportunities and one-on-one guidance to woodworkers of all skill levels.

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Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger has announced the promotion of Director of Accounting Amanda Harris Silvus to Chief Financial Officer for the national retailer of woodworking tools, accessories and supplies.

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