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Jul22 catalog caddy small

It's summer, time for picnics, graduation parties, weddings, family and class reunions, weekend trips, full on vacations. In other words, time for lots of outdoor gatherings. Whether it's warm or downright hot outside, you're going to need some beverages! The attractive Beverage Caddy-featured on our July Catalog-is a simple, fun project to design and build. Read on to learn about building it!

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We’ve gathered some Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Woodcraft for the woodworkers and DIYers in your family. To make sure our ideas are what the Dads on your list REALLY want, we’ve taken some time to find great gifts for any budget. For the folks who are a challenge to gift, we’ve included a couple of ideas that should appeal to most everyone.

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1 chris secrest 500

Three students at The Krenov School in Fort Bragg, California, are recipients of scholarships awarded by The Krenov Foundation and funded by Woodcraft Supply.

The Krenov Foundation, established in 2014, awards several substantial scholarships each year to students attending The Krenov School, which was founded in 1981 by the late James Krenov, a highly acclaimed cabinetmaker, author and teacher.
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1 trees intro doug loyer

Woodcraft applauds the National Arbor Day Foundation for three milestone events this year: National Arbor Day's 150th anniversary, the Foundation's 50th anniversary and 104 million trees planted during the Time for Trees.

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1 doug loyer trees

The short answer to this question: wood is an eco-friendly renewable material that touches the lives, cultures and environments of people around the world in ways that give it a value worth celebrating and protecting.

Every year on March 21 the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) and the World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) sponsor World Wood Day, a cultural event that features activities to raise awareness about the key role wood plays in a sustainable world.

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1 woodturning with resin keith lackner

Keith Lackner shares his journey from furnituremaker to woodturner to resin artist and teacher in this groundbreaking how-to guide to creating with resin and wood through turning in his book Woodturning with Resin.

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Meet the artistic Guthrie Family; Jason, Jodie, Maddie and Cameron! They’ve got it all going on, staying busy with education, crafts, baking, teaching, and woodworking. A close-knit hands on approach from grandparents and parents guiding the kids, always giving Maddie and Cameron opportunities along the path towards a successful future, no matter what they decide to venture into.

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Fred williams

Fred Williams is a hands-on creator with a “learn by doing” education from his parents. He enjoys the pleasure of using hand tools with the “I did this” attitude, creating chip carving, caricatures, furniture, and quilting.

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Tftgranddaughterandgrandfather web

A total of 14,703 unique wood pens are waiting to be distributed to active duty and recovering members of the US military, thanks to the efforts of Woodcraft Turn for Troops volunteer pen turners who exceeded the 2020 pen total by 697 pens. The overall 18-year total is now 219,970.

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A new Woodcraft Supply retail store will open in Iowa City on Monday, Jan. 17, 2022. 

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