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Finish faster in 5 steps (or less).

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Bring a whole new level of versatility, speed, and convenience to your woodworking.

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Behind every great workshop lies a great plan, whether your shop makes up the corner of a basement, the back wall of a two-car garage, or a dedicated outbuilding. Common ingredients include good organization, a complement of tools (power and hand) geared to your interests, and a practical, efficient floor plan. Other considerations are dust collection, accessibility, heating, lighting, and electrical service. 

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Ever wonder if your table saw blade does what it’s supposed to? Sure, it “cuts,” but is it costing you needless aggravation and added machining? Are you becoming a master at fixing poorly fitting joints and cleaning up rough, burned cuts and tear-out? If so, you’re developing the wrong kind of woodworking habits and wasting valuable shop time. The problem may well be that you’re using the wrong blade.

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Few of us ever admit to having “enough” tools and machinery, but sooner or later, we realize that it’s possible to own one too many. Finding parking spots for those most-needed machines, benches, stands, and materials in a crowded garage or basement can take the thrill out of making sawdust.

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Make sharpening easy with this handy station that houses all your tools and supplies in a central location.

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