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Wood pellet grills are so easy to use it’s unbelievable.  What’s even better is that you get that wood-fired flavor that we’re all looking for when grilling without any of the stress of charcoal or traditional wood fuel.  All you have to do is load the wood pellets into the hopper, select the temperature you’re looking for, and let the grill do the rest.  The pellet auger automatically feeds the wood pellets into the fire box based on the temperature you set, and that auger, along with the fan, holds a consistent temperature so that you’re able to grill, bake, and smoke without being tied to your grill.

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A kamado is a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fueled cook stove.  It is known for its versatility and can be used for grilling and smoking.  You can even get an at-home wood-fired pizza using a flat ceramic stone in the kamado. 


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When you use a traditional generator, its alternator produces high voltage alternating current (AC), which is then converted to direct current (DC).  DC current can vary on the quality of the current running to what’s hooked up to your generator. Using an inverter generator, however, converts that DC current back to AC power creating what’s known as a “true sine wave.”  That conversion makes the current nice, smooth, and consistent, thereby protecting your sensitive electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and TVs.

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I use a number of four-way clamps in my shop.  The design of the clamps prevented me from hanging them up in the same way as my Parallel Clamps or F-Style Clamps.  To solve the problem, I came up with a French cleat mounted Clamp Rack using pegs to hold my clamps.

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