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     Building a Pennsylvania Spice Box can be quite the ambitious project for any level of woodworker, loaded with its share of building techniques that embrace both hand and/or power tool applications in today's woodworking world. Its challenges include plenty of hand-cut joinery, precise drawer assemblies, stylish mouldings, raised-panel contours, and in this case, the use of quilted and soft maple woods with figured walnut burl, book-matched veneer drawer fronts. Follow us along in this Woodworking Adventure with Woodcraft's product manager, Kyle Meyer and his Spice Box design and build.

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An exhibition showcasing the creativity of 41 artists and artisans who work with wood found in the Appalachian Region opened at The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio. The show will continue through September 3, 2018.

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Woodcraft is a proud sponsor of this popular weekly podcast about woodworking hosted by talented young woodworkers/makers Rubino, Toth and Burger. The Dusty Life can be found wherever you find quality podcasts. Check out these products that have been featured on The Dusty Life.

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When young Danny Lipford saved his allowance to purchase his first electric jigsaw from a mail-order catalog, his parents couldn't have dreamed that he would go on to become "America's Home Improvement Expert." Now he's helping millions of homeowners with practical advice for the home on Today's Homeowner radio and TV shows. 

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Chelsea Lipford Wolf was "destined to DIY." After all, she followed in her dad's footsteps from a very early age. She may be the daughter of home improvement expert Danny Lipford, but she is building her own brand in the DIY arena. 

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The Steel City is the birthplace of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mr. Rogers, the Whiskey Rebellion, robots, and the polio vaccine. And nearby Homestead, Pa. is home to John Malecki, a former NFL player who had two stints with the Steelers before opening his own custom woodworking studio. 

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