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Jess crow resin artist and teacher crow creek designs

Jess Crow is an immensely popular resin artist and teacher from Anchorage, Alaska, as well as the owner of Crow Creek Designs, mother of three grown daughters and a public speaker about social issues.

Watching her teach the basics of resin work, one would never guess the truly daunting  circumstances she has overcome to achieve success as a mother, artist, builder, business owner, teacher and advocate for social change.

Read more in this Woodworking Adventures blog by Sharon. 

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1 michelle frederick 1st krenov school project 450

Art has always been a part of Philadelphia native Michelle Frederick’s life, but a woodworking class she took during her sophomore year in college forever changed her ultimate career path that finally led to The Krenov School in Fort Bragg, California. Read more in this Woodworking Adventures blog by Sharon. 

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1 hanneke 1000

“My path to finding woodworking has been very zigzag and like most things in my life, I kind of just started doing it on a whim,” Hanneke Lourens, a 2020 graduate of The Krenov School, explained. “I was born and raised in South Africa, but have enjoyed living and working in other places most of my adult life. Along the way it became clear that I’m happiest when making. I have been lucky enough to explore this passion at The Krenov School.” Read more about Hannekes journey in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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1 brad rodriguez youtuber fix this biuld that

One woodworking class at his local Woodcraft store was all it took to get Brad Rodriguez hooked on building things. That was nearly 20 years ago. Today, he is a respected content creator, maker and woodworker with a huge online following, recently racing past one million subscribers on his YouTube channel Fix This Build That. Read more about Brads journey in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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1 megan offner 1100

The founding of New York Heartwoods in 2011 was the culmination of Megan Offner’s inherited maker/woodworking talents and a youth spent embracing the outdoors, but she had no idea what was ahead while growing up in Missoula, Montana. Read more about Megans journey here. 

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If anyone lives by the motto “No white flags,” it’s Dave Clarke from Sandy, Oregon. A retired firefighter and mountain rescue volunteer, Dave was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2018. Once an avid skier and cyclist, Dave said his balance, gait and speech have mostly been affected by the disease so far. But every cloud has a silver lining and Dave’s was the push to revisit a long-postponed hobby: woodworking. Read more about this inspiring woodworker in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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1 kbosch inshop 350

Kailee Bosch’s natural desire to be a maker was nurtured in the environment created by her well-known father Trent’s woodturning and toolmaking professions. When she graduated in May 2020 from Colorado State University (CSU) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Kailee, only a few weeks away from turning 23, had already created noteworthy pieces of art, earned several awards, studied and assisted with classes at prestigious woodturning institutions, taught young turners, and played a major role in her family’s business. Read more about Kailee in this Woodworking Adventures blog...

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1 tamar hannah

From flipping flea market finds to building furniture, guitars, woodworking jigs, and pretty much anything that interests her, Tamar Hannah has come a long way in her four-year journey to perfect her building skills without formal training. On her website,, Tamar writes, “3x3 Custom started by accident. I was searching for an outdoor storage bench and couldn’t find anything I liked. So I had a crazy idea to build it myself! Instantly, I fell in love with power tools, hand tools and everything in between.” Read more in this Woodworking Adventures blog. 

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1 anne briggs

“For me, woodwork has always been motivated far more by relationships than by finished projects. I’ve found the best way to get to know people deeply is by joining them doing something they truly love,” Anne Briggs, also known as Anne of All Trades, explains. Learn more about Anne, her path to award-winning blogger and woodworker, and her just say yes philosophy in this Woodworking Adventures blog.  

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1 phg pulling nails etta

Brittany Bailey’s parents introduced her to tools and building during her childhood and instilled in her the belief that “I could do anything a boy could do—if not better.” As an adult, the Raleigh, North Carolina, licensed general contractor who renovates and sells houses, along with managing and a lot more, is passionate about breaking down the stereotype that women are not handy and that not everyone can “do it yourself.”

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