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12 mira slabs

It all starts with a tree that was planted long ago. A tree that grew on a grandparent’s property. A tree that children climbed in the summertime. A tree that provided shade in a family’s backyard. Every tree has its own history, and three Columbus, Ohio, entrepreneurs aim to preserve the stories of their area’s fallen trees—in the form of furniture—for generations to come. Meet Tyler, Treg and Tyler, and learn more about their story in this Woodworking Adventures Blog. 

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Andy Warhol once said, “If it doesn’t make sense, its art.”   That statement says art is symbolic – it’s form for its own sake.   I’ll admit that many works of art don’t make sense to me.  But don’t you see things every day that are sensible, functional and yet beautiful?  When do practical items cross over and become ‘art’?  Isn’t it possible for something to be both useful and artistic?

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