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When a refurbishing project crosses my path, I listen to what the client’s requests are. After taking inspection of the project, there comes to mind a host of questions before ever working on the item. Repairing the item based on sight or conversing with obvious questions to the owner is just the beginning of providing a solution. There are additional concerns that will help the project restoration. Understanding the connection of the piece to the client, such as what the item means to them; what the environment will be in its placement and surroundings; and attaining a clearer perception of the history, as well as the heritage of the piece; can also be important.

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Follow along as we build a mobile shop cart for our new CNC Machine!

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Setting our six-foot oak swing down off the hooks for winter is always a challenge.  We used to use empty five-gallon buckets and wood pieces to make a temporary stand, but this year I decided to make a more permanent and solid solution.

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I needed a better way to carve a Halloween pumpkin than just using a kitchen knife. The solution was to make two cutters using a jigsaw blade and a scrollsaw blade.  The jigsaw blade would be my rough cutter and the scrollsaw blade my detail cutter.

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You’re thinking about doing a project for Christmas, but how do you decide what to do? Something your spouse wants? Something that would enhance your current lawn decorations? Maybe something that would be a nice addition to inside décor? Maybe a yard sign?

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To make a Thanksgiving Turkey from reclaimed wood, I started with a picture of a turkey display that I saw in a store and drew a 24" wide x 24" high pattern. Then I used transfer paper to copy the pattern onto a 1/4"-thin piece of plywood to make a backer board. 

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I needed a simple but versatile table for my shop to use for assembling projects.  At the same time, I was contemplating how to create an outfeed table for my saw that would be out of the way when not in use.  The answer, a multi-use outfeed and assembly table.  If I can use the assembly table as an outfeed table, I don’t need two tables.

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I was contemplating how to build a strong, sturdy storage cabinet to hold my finishes.  I did not want a metal cabinet but wanted the adjustability of a metal cabinet’s shelves, as well as a surface on the shelves that could be cleaned easier than wooden shelves. 


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