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Meet the artistic Guthrie Family; Jason, Jodie, Maddie and Cameron! They’ve got it all going on, staying busy with education, crafts, baking, teaching, and woodworking. A close-knit hands on approach from grandparents and parents guiding the kids, always giving Maddie and Cameron opportunities along the path towards a successful future, no matter what they decide to venture into.

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Scott Grove of ImagineGrove Woodworking gives us a short overview of  how to produce accurate, precisely-matched curved joinery and dead-centered inlays over a seam easily every time. The Ultimate Router Base gives you more control and increases safety and stability on any handheld routing operation. It turns your router into the ultimate tool in your shop!

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The title may be a little misleading, but not to Design Press owner, Bobby Rosenstock. The Woodcraft catalog & social media team visit the local establishment of JustAJar Design Press in Marietta, OH. This time to capture Bobby Rosenstock's carved artwork, letterpress/ design printing and other talents for the Woodcraft December 2021 holiday catalog cover creation. Bobby shows and tells his carving craft using 15th century technology to create an art form that is still viable today!

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Scott Grove, designer, maker, and woodworking influencer of Imagine Woodworking explains drilling and mounting non-conforming routers on his Ultimate Router Base System in this video.

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We join Fred Esker at his woodshop to capture and enjoy building a Spoon Mule. Fred teaches his hand carved spoon making skill set using a simple spoon mule which is created with primarily hand tools intermixed with some power tools. He is a member of the Geppetto's Carving Club at our Woodcraft store in Parkersburg, WV.

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Renowned turner, Keith Lackner creates a Salt and Pepper Mill Matching Set with Woodcraft's WoodRiver pre-drilled mill kits. Making a salt/pepper mill is an enjoyable project that produces a useful kitchen tool or a great “anytime” gift! The biggest obstacle to making a salt/pepper mill of any size is drilling the stepped through hole. We’ve solved the problem by pre-drilling our most popular salt/pepper mill blanks in walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, and padauk. Follow along to learn how Keith takes us through his step-by-step process.

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