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Woodworking comes in all shapes, sizes and varieties. But no matter what your woodworking passion might be, eventually you’re going to need to join together two pieces of wood. And that opens up a world of joinery options.

Whatever method you choose, the question is—do you make your joinery by hand or by machine? Here’s what our experts had to say…

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Tamar Hannah is interested in joinery and is always on the lookout for unusual joints. So far the founder of 3x3 Custom has created four videos to share joints that pique her interest, including one she named the “Mystery Joint.” Read more here...

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     Building a Pennsylvania Spice Box can be quite the ambitious project for any level of woodworker, loaded with its share of building techniques that embrace both hand and/or power tool applications in today's woodworking world. Its challenges include plenty of hand-cut joinery, precise drawer assemblies, stylish mouldings, raised-panel contours, and in this case, the use of quilted and soft maple woods with figured walnut burl, book-matched veneer drawer fronts. Follow us along in this Woodworking Adventure with Woodcraft's product manager, Kyle Meyer and his Spice Box design and build.

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Chad Stanton of Woodchoppin' Time shows us how to do a rabbet joint with the WoodRiver shoulder plane.

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