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Rob Cosman shows us how to improve a less expensive dovetail saw as we work our way up to a saw that is perfect for every dovetail cutting project.

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This smartly made sled enables you to achieve the look of hand-cut dovetails with some machine-made assistance.
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Dwell on this ... a contemplation bench project that will challenge you to learn power-sculpting techniques using a wide variety of tools. What an inspiration!

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The classy way to prevent cupping.

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Charles Neil gives a helpful overview of the types of joinery options and their uses for woodworking.

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Learn the basic steps to start you out on this classic joint for boxes.

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Beyond-the-bit tips for a drop-leaf joint done right

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Decorative boxes are made to hold everything from jewelry to personal treasures in hope chests.  To add beauty to the construction, box makers use decorative joinery to both beautify and strengthen the points where the sides meet.  Even the most humble and simple of joints will be strong enough for most applications so joinery decisions are usually more about art than engineering.

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Discover hardware that offers solid and fast assembly of parts.

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Master the details of this simple, strong joint and sidestep clamping time...and the need for a helper.

TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO, Egyptian woodworkers figured out how to clamp two boards together, drill an angled hole through both, and insert a dowel to make a powerful joint.

Two decades ago, when Iowa tool and die maker Craig Sommerfeld sought an effective way to attach face frames to cabinets while hiding the screw heads, he used his engineering skills to revisit the joinery method, creating his now famous pocket-hole jig.

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