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Tamar hannah fixing router table dust collection sep2021 email

Tamar Hannah was so happy with her Router Table Cabinet build, except for the dust collection, something was just not right... so she had to fix it! This video shows how she tackled the problem. 

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Ultimaterouterbase articlepic 900

Scott Grove, designer, maker, and woodworking influencer of Imagine Woodworking explains drilling and mounting non-conforming routers on his Ultimate Router Base System in this video.

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Jory brigham video the fix bubble in veneer woodworking mistakes

On this episode of The Fix, Jory Brigham's video series about fixing common woodworking errors or problems, Jory shows us how he fixes it when he gets bubbles in the middle of his veneer. Using a little painters tape and Cyanoacrylate glue (two things us woodworkers always have on hand) Jory manages an absolutely seamless fix for a once daunting problem.

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Mulebench blog

We join Fred Esker at his woodshop to capture and enjoy building a Spoon Mule. Fred teaches his hand carved spoon making skill set using a simple spoon mule which is created with primarily hand tools intermixed with some power tools. He is a member of the Geppetto's Carving Club at our Woodcraft store in Parkersburg, WV.

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Jess crow resin artist and teacher crow creek designs

Jess Crow is an immensely popular resin artist and teacher from Anchorage, Alaska, as well as the owner of Crow Creek Designs, mother of three grown daughters and a public speaker about social issues.

Watching her teach the basics of resin work, one would never guess the truly daunting  circumstances she has overcome to achieve success as a mother, artist, builder, business owner, teacher and advocate for social change.

Read more in this Woodworking Adventures blog by Sharon. 

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Anne all trades video carving wooden spoon how to

In this video, Anne of All Trades, a.k.a. Anne Briggs, demonstrates her start to finish process for carving a wooden spoon. Selecting wood, the tools she uses, and all kinds of helpful tips and tricks! 

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Img 7447 resize

To typify Brian de la Tierra as a free spirit would not be an understatement, in that he is a sponge, absorbing knowledge no matter where he travels. He is a man that not necessarily aspires to ultimate goals, but takes one encounter at a time to build and use his experiences for the dream of making a difference on this planet that might just make for a better world, not just for himself, but for others as well.

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Brad rodriguez 13 ways organize a messy woodworking shop 500

When you're busy making projects, using various tools, jigs, accessories, and supplies- it's EASY for your workshop to get that messy look. Brad Rodriguez's video "13 EASY WAYS TO ORGANIZE A MESSY WOODWORKING SHOP" shows you how to take control, and get your shop or garage organized!

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Brad rodriguez diy board batten wainscoting accent wall 500

Looking to transform some of your living space? Brad Rodriguez's video "DIY BOARD AND BATTEN ACCENT WALL–WAINSCOTING HOW TO" shows you how! Adding this remarkable accenting to a wall can completely remake a room! Time for some redecorating and home renovations! 

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Brad rodriguez 5 ways make money making cutting boards 500

How you can make money with cutting boards or other woodworking projects! Find a niche, plan for your hidden costs, make some money- and have fun! Check out Brad's video "5 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY SELLING CUTTING BOARDS"! 

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