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Making a furniture build or purchase last through the years can be a challenge through moving, raising children, and just normal wear and tear.  When nicks, scratches, and deeper marks become an issue, there is a solution.  Repair furniture finishes quickly and easily with any of these touch-up kits.  The Wood Touch-Up Kit by Touch-Up Solutions is the perfect solution for all of your wood related household repair needs.  This kit will enable you to make professional grade repairs quickly and easily with no experience required.

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Introducing General Finishes 2014 color palette for Milk Paint, adding 14 new colors to the premixed line it calls “furniture paint with soul.”  The popular high-tech

acrylic furniture and project finish can be mixed, lightened, distressed, glazed, layered for different colors and antiqued.  It’s perfect for unfinished furniture, upcycling or
repurposing furniture.  Available in 28 mixable colors.
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Woodcraft blogger and upcycler Lori Haught shares her Top 15 paint colors for updating furniture. See if your favorites made the list. 

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Spring is in the air and it’s time to start getting out the outdoor furniture and decorations.  If they’re made of wood, you’ll want to be sure they’re protected from the elements before you put them out for the summer.  Wood left bare will gray from the sun, begin cracking and change shape; twisting, cupping or warping as moisture moves in and out of the wood.  Some woods handle the elements better than others but ultimately they will all succumb.

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Finishing is hard.  You spent hours matching the grains, cutting and fitting, perfecting joints, sanding to mirror perfection, and then you apply the finish and the trouble starts. 

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Are you attracted to furniture with a past?  If you like pieces that look as though they’ve lived an interesting life you might want to try adding the distressed look.  An authentic looking, distressed finish can add character and style to many types of decor.

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No, that’s not a motto for a crazed woodworker.  It’s a choice.  When you get ready to add color to your next project, stop to consider whether stain or dye will best enhance the look of the wood.

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Have you heard about the new way to refinish furniture and cabinets?  You can avoid the messy, difficult and time consuming task of first stripping your piece down to bare wood.  Instead, with this technique you only need to lightly sand the surface and then coat it with a dark gel stain that covers the surface in uniform color.  The color is solid but the grain texture will still show through.

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Have you heard about Java Gel?  It’s the latest rage in cabinet makeovers.  If you are tired of your cabinets, wood trim or wood furniture you can redo them without having to completely strip the old finish.

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One of the most difficult parts of woodworking comes after all the cutting, shaping and sanding is done.  Getting a good finish on your project is critical. The main criteria in selecting a product are that the finish provides the right visual / tactile effect and that it protects the wood.

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