WoodRiver Snap-Set Miter Gauge & Fence Combo with Flip-Stop Overview

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System is comprised of a precision pivoting miter gauge made from steel plate with 13 positive stops at 0°, 22-1/2°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 67-1/2° and 90° in both directions. These positive stops are simple to adjust with a spring-loaded plunger stop that “snaps” in the machined holes. Any angle between 0°-90° can also be set as needed with the large clamping knob.

A 17-1/2"-long anodized aluminum alloy fence is fitted with an adjustable flip-stop for repeatable accuracy. The fence can be calibrated easily by sliding along the miter gauge head and held true with two thumb screws. The miter bar can be fitted to a standard 3/4" x 3/8" table slot using unique spring-loaded rollers that keep the bar tight against one side of the miter slot. A T-slot washer is included for wider crosscut operations. You can trust the Snap-Set Miter Gauge and Fence System to improve safety and accuracy when crosscutting or cutting miters on the table saw, as well as when routing end grain or miters on the router table.

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