WoodRiver Hand Planes–Product Overview Video

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WoodRiver® Hand Planes–Product Overview Video

In this video our very own Kevin Reed gives an overview of the entire line of WoodRiver® Hand Planes. From the tiny #1 that's barely the size of his hand, to the larger #7 that's longer than his forearm! 

The following planes are included: #1, #3 Smoother Plane, #4 and #4-1/2, #5 and #5-1/2 Jack Plane, #6 and #7 Jointer Planes, #62 Low Angle Jack Plane, and our Chisel Plane, Shoulder Planes, and Block Planes. 

Learn More About Hand Planes

Visit our Wood Hand Planes page to learn more about hand planes, how to rehab them, keep them tuned, and shop our complete collection of Hand Planes from WoodRiver®, Clifton, Stanley, Tsunesaburo, Hock and Veritas

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