Woodcraft Unplugged with Charlie Farren

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In a recent Acoustic Guitar ClassWoodcraft’s regional East coast field consultant, Scott Dixon and longtime acquaintance Charlie Farren, musician and lead singer for The Joe Perry Project,Farrenheit and Farren Butcher, Inc. (FBI), hooked up at our Woburn Massachusetts storefor a little jamming session and…

a little U.S. Guitar woodworking

Check out this video produced by Scott Dixon with Charlie Farren Night at Woodcraft:


Dixon said, “The class members had a great time learning and building guitars, and enjoyed Charlie being part of the class and playing his music.” Scott gave Charlie a copy of the Scott Phillips DVD which you may view in it’s entirety from The American Woodshop, Episode 1505, entitled Custom Rare Wood Guitars. Scott also gave Charlie a book on Guitar Building Basics, that you may also find at your local Woodcraft store or online.

More photos from this class are on U.S. Guitars Facebook page.

Additional information on guitar builds can be found in Woodcraft Magazine’s, volume 2, #12 issue.

Check with your local Woodcraft store for Acoustic Guitar classes and many other fine woodworking classes.

You never know who you might meet during a Woodcraft class!
Happy Woodworking, and Rock On!…Frank

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