Woodcraft Supports Earth Day with Environmentally-Friendly Products and an Upcycling Program

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Earth Day

Forty-five years ago Americans celebrated the first Earth Day to promote creating a healthier environment through the actions of individuals.  As billions of citizens around the globe prepare for the 2015 celebration on April 22, Woodcraft is committed to expanding its line of environmentally-friendly products and its promotion of upcycling to reduce waste.

“Woodworking and home do-it-yourself projects often require changing the look of a surface by applying a new finish or paint or removing and replacing or repairing an existing surface covering,” Darin Lawrence, Woodcraft product development director, said. “Historically, many of the products designed to accomplish these tasks contained harsh chemicals and required specialized training and equipment.  However, that trend has changed since the first Earth Day.  Manufacturers are researching and developing alternatives and lower VOC formulations that are easier on the environment.  Woodcraft now offers products like the Doctor’s Woodshop Finishes made from shellac, wax and walnut oil and SOY Gel, a stripping product made from soybeans, as well as a complete line of waterborne stains and finishes.”

Woodcraft Offers Eco-Friendly Products

Earth Day

Doctor’s Woodshop Finishes – Doctor’s Woodshop Finishes are based on three essential principles: wood should look like wood, not plastic, a finish should not obscure the natural beauty of the wood, and a finish should be safe to use.  The Doctor’s Woodshop Finishes contain only one, two or all three of these products – shellac, wax and walnut oil – because they are safe to use, look natural and don’t get cloudy.  No solvents, driers or other additives of any kind are used. Walnut Finishing Oil (#847674)Pens Plus (#855499)High Build Friction Polish (#843051), and Microcrystal Wax Bowl Finish (#855500).

Earth Day

SOY Gel – Strip old finish or paint safely with this product that is made of soybeans, is 100% biodegradable and has no known health hazards.  SOY Gel — effective, effortless, and odorless coating removal—is the result of Franmar Chemical’s 25-year investment in developing effective, economical and safe cleaning solutions from soybeans and natural elements.  Available in Quart (#841890) or Gallon (#841891).

Earth Day

Old Fashioned Milk Paint – Made from milk protein, lime, clay and earth pigments, it is nontoxic, 100%  biodegradable, and free of any volative organic compounds (VOCs).  It will not rub off or wash off and adheres like no other paint to wood, plaster, and other porous surfaces.  Available in 20 colors reminiscent of those used in Colonial America.  (#146711-146714, 811151-811155, 811180-811182, 811624-811631.)

Earth Day

Mahoney’s Walnut Oil - Developed by renowned bowl turner Mike Mahoney, this utility finish is made of filtered, 100% pure walnut oil and contains no petroleum distillates.  It will harden into a food-safe finish for bowls, butcher blocks and other kitchen serving items.  Just wipe on or immerse and let it penetrate and harden for 24 hours, then reapply as desired.  Leaves a great satin finish on all hardwoods and exotic woods.  (#146022)

Going forward, Lawrence said Woodcraft will continue to look for new products that are safe for the environment, as well as the user. “In addition, we support PaintCare, a paint stewardship program focusing on education and recycling of products in participating states.”

Woodcraft Supports Upcycling

Earth Day

To help reduce waste in landfills and help customers save money, Woodcraft began in late 2013 to promote upcycling – the repurposing of an item into something more valuable – through free demonstrations that show how easy it is to transform rather than trash furniture, doors, windows and other items.

Woodcraft retail stores are including upcycling techniques in free demonstrations held on the third Saturday of each month,” Vince Grlovich, Woodcraft vice president for sales and marketing said.  “The goal is to introduce customers to the possibilities for upcycling and the basic woodworking techniques and products that lend themselves to upcycling.”

Sometimes a demo presents an entire project, while other times techniques are only part of a demo, Grlovich said.  “Projects featured so far have been designed by Woodcraft employees, but in the future Black Dog Salvage, one of the premier architectural salvage operations in the United States, will be contributing projects that will be available to stores for demos and will be posted on both company websites.”

“To support this upcycling effort, Woodcraft.com added an Upcycling Resource Center to our website (https://www.woodcraft.com/blogs/articles/tagged/Upcycling) to introduce viewers to upcycling and announce demo topics and dates,” Grlovich said.  “Viewers can also watch a segment of Lifetime’s Designing Spaces where Woodcraft product development manager Kent Harpool shows host Aliane Baquerot how to create a shelf from a wooden pallet.”  By partnering with Black Dog Salvage, Grlovich said Woodcraft hopes to reach a broader audience and make more people aware of Woodcraft and what Woodcraft has to offer DIY enthusiasts who pursue salvage/upcycling projects.  The Roanoke, Virginia–based firm is also the focus of a DIY Network TV reality series, Salvage Dawgs.   

Both Woodcraft’s Pinterest page and Instagram gallery include upcycling ideas, in addition to the Woodcraft Woodworking Adventures Blogsite has featured upcycling several times.  Recently, the blog showed an employee’s project – updating a jewelry armoire – that included the addition of new flocking to the drawers, a technique that was later featured in one of the Woodcraft upcycling demos which occur every third Saturday of the month at nationwide stores.

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